Illinois Deer Hunting Season: When and Where to Go for the Best Experience

Deer Hunting Season in Illinois: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a hunting enthusiast, it’s important to know when deer season begins and ends. In Illinois, the deer hunting season varies by county and hunting type.

Archery Deer Hunting Season

The archery deer hunting season usually starts in October and runs until mid-January. During this time, hunters are allowed to use longbows or compound bows while pursuing white-tailed deer within specific limits and restrictions.

Firearm Deer Hunting Season

The firearm deer hunting season typically begins in November and lasts for seven days. During this period, hunters can use firearms such as shotguns or rifles for harvesting white-tailed deer of both sexes with specific limits depending on location.

Muzzleloader Deer Hunting Season

In Illinois, muzzleloader deer hunting is allowed from late December through early January. This type of weapon uses black powder loaded into the barrel of the gun which enables hunters to get closer to their prey without being detected easily.

Youth Firearm Deer Hunting Season

A youth firearm hunt is also available for those who are under 18 years old that gives them a chance to practice their skills before moving onto adult hunts later on. This event occurs during Columbus Day weekend each October throughout most counties in Illinois with many other activities planned around it too!

Knowing when these different types of seasons begin lets you plan your hunt carefully so that you make sure not only do you have lots of opportunities but also stay safe while doing so!