Mississippi Deer Hunting Season: A Guide to Planning Your Hunt


Mississippi is a southern state known for its vast forests and wildlife. The state takes pride in its hunting season, especially deer hunting, which attracts thousands of hunters every year. If you are planning to go deer hunting in Mississippi, it’s essential to know the hunting season dates to avoid missing out on this thrilling experience.

Deer Hunting Seasons in Mississippi

The deer hunting season varies each year depending on several factors such as weather conditions, population control requirements, and other management needs. Typically, the general deer archery season begins around mid-September and lasts through January 31st. The primitive weapon season starts after the archery one ends and lasts for ten days (mid-November), followed by firearm seasons that run from mid-November until early December.

Hunting Regulations

Deer hunting regulations vary depending on where you plan to hunt; different counties have different rules regarding bag limits and antler restrictions. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with these regulations before embarking on your trip so that you don’t run afoul of the law or miss out on some amazing opportunities.

It should also be noted that there are specific licenses required when participating in deer-hunting activities within Mississippi State boundaries; thus working closely with local authorities will make your trip more enjoyable while avoiding any legal issues down the line.


In conclusion, if you want to enjoy an unforgettable experience during your next visit to Mississippi State, consider going during the deer-hunting seasons. Make sure that you’ve checked all regulations concerning licensing fees and bag limits before commencing any hunts so as not only stay safe but also ensure compliance with all relevant rules! With this information at hand soon enough get ready for a fun-filled adventure into nature’s wilderness like never before!