New York Hunting Season 2019: When Is Deer Hunting Season?


Deer hunting is a popular recreational activity in New York for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, before hitting the woods, it’s important to know when deer hunting season begins and ends.

Official Dates of Deer Hunting Season

The dates for deer hunting season in New York vary depending on the region you plan to hunt in. Typically, the season runs from mid-October through December 22nd. Hunters should always check with their local Department of Environmental Conservation office for official dates and regulations.

Licenses and Permits Required

Before you can go deer hunting, be sure to have all necessary licenses and permits up-to-date. In New York, hunters must have a valid state-issued hunting license along with either a small game or big game license (depending on the type of deer being hunted). Additionally, some regions require special permits or tags that allow hunters to take specific types of bucks during certain seasons.

Safety Tips for Deer Hunting

While deer hunting can be an exciting adventure, safety should always remain top priority. Always wear bright clothing so other hunters can easily spot you in the woods and keep firearms pointed away from yourself or others at all times. It’s also recommended that you use protective gear such as earplugs or earmuffs while shooting firearms.


In conclusion, if you’re planning on going deer hunting this year in New York make sure to follow all safety protocols including having proper licenses and permits up-to-date along with any necessary safety gear. With this information under your belt – get out there and enjoy this thrilling past time!