Deer Hunting in NY: When and Where to Go for the Best Deer Hunting Season


Deer hunting is an age-old tradition that has been practiced for many years. It’s a popular sport among outdoors enthusiasts, and it’s essential to know the times and dates when deer hunting season is open in New York.

What is Deer Hunting Season?

Deer hunting season refers to the time of year when hunters are allowed to hunt deer legally. During this period, hunters can use various methods such as firearms or bows and arrows while following specific rules guiding their activities.

When Does Deer Hunting Season Start in New York?

In New York, deer hunting season typically begins on October 1st every year and runs through December 22nd. However, there are variations across different regions in the state concerning which weapons are permitted during particular parts of the season.

Different Types of Seasons

New York State offers several types of seasons for deer hunting enthusiasts. The most common ones include archery (bow-and-arrow), regular firearms, muzzleloading guns only seasons; all designed to enhance your experience while ensuring safety measures are taken.


If you’re an enthusiastic hunter looking forward to spending some time outdoors during deer-hunting season in NY, be sure to familiarize yourself with state regulations around timing and permissible weaponry before embarking on your adventure. Happy Hunting!