Ohio Deer Hunting Season: All You Need To Know Before Taking The Shot


Ohio is a beautiful state with an abundance of natural resources available. Deer hunting season is one of the most popular activities among outdoors enthusiasts in Ohio. The season typically runs from September to January, but there are specific dates that hunters need to know.

Dates for deer hunting season in Ohio

The opening day of the deer gun season in Ohio varies every year, but it usually falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving Day. In 2021, the deer gun season opens on November 29th and ends on December 5th. Archery hunters have a much longer season, beginning at the end of September and stretching until early February.

Deer hunting limits

Hunters should be aware that there are limits to how many deer they can take during each specific hunting period. For example, during archery season, only one antlered buck may be taken per hunter per license year. During gun seasons (including youth gun), hunters can harvest up to two antlerless deer before taking their first antlered deer.

Licensing requirements for Ohio’s deer hunting seasons

Before you head out into any forest or parkland area for your favourite hobby -deer-hunting- it is important to make sure you’re up-to-date on all licensing requirements as these vary based upon which type(s) of animals being hunted by individuals (e.g., white-tailed vs black bear). Hunters must purchase a valid license before participating in any kind of hunt within state borders requires getting either an annual permit or purchasing multiple permits throughout different time periods depending upon what game might interest them most!

Overall, knowing when and where to go is essential when planning your next outdoor adventure! With plenty of information online about regulations and safety tips surrounding wildlife conservation efforts across our region – ensuring we respect Mother Nature while enjoying her bounty is paramount.