Oregon Deer Hunting Season: When and Where to Bag Your Buck


As the leaves start to change and the air gets crisp, many hunters in Oregon are getting excited for deer hunting season. But when exactly does it begin? In this blog post, we’ll explore the details of deer hunting season in Oregon.

General Season Dates

The general season for deer hunting typically starts in early September and runs until late November. However, specific dates can vary depending on where you plan to hunt and what type of weapon you use. It’s important to check with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for exact dates and regulations.

Bow Hunting Season

If bow hunting is your preferred method, then you’re in luck because there’s often an extended archery season that starts earlier than the general season. This allows bow hunters more time to pursue their prey before gun seasons begin. Again, check with ODFW for specific dates.

Rifle Hunting Season

Rifle hunting is a popular option during deer season as well. Depending on which region you plan on hunting in, rifle seasons may be broken down into different units or areas with varying dates and bag limits per unit.

Closing Thoughts

Deer hunting season is highly regulated in Oregon to help manage healthy populations of wildlife while also providing opportunities for sportsmen (and women!). Keep in mind that some units require special tags or permits beyond just a standard license so always make sure you are aware of current rules before hitting the woods!