Utah Deer Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know


If you’re an avid hunter or someone who’s looking to try it for the first time, knowing when deer hunting season in Utah is crucial. Hunting regulations and seasons vary from state to state, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with current information – especially if you want a successful hunt.

Deer Hunting Season Dates

In Utah, deer hunting season typically runs from mid-August through mid-December. However, these dates can vary depending on the type of weapon being used and whether your tag is for a buck or doe. For example, archery season usually starts earlier than rifle season but often ends sooner as well. It’s important to check the specific dates based on your location and desired method of hunting.

Licenses and Tags

To hunt during deer hunting season in Utah, you’ll need both a license and a tag. Licenses are available for both residents and non-residents at various retail locations throughout the state or online via the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website. Once you have your license, make sure to apply for tags early since they are limited in quantity.

Hunting Regulations

Utah has strict hunting regulations that all hunters must follow during deer hunting season (and any other time). These include reporting requirements after harvesting an animal, limits on how many animals can be taken per person per year (usually no more than two), restrictions on using bait or dogs during hunts, among others.


Whether you’re an experienced hunter or someone who wants to try out this exciting outdoor activity for the first time – remember that preparation is key! Knowing when deer hunting season takes place in Utah along with having proper licenses/tags and following guidelines set by wildlife officials will ensure not only a safe experience but also one that could potentially yield success!