Arkansas Duck Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know


Arkansas is a popular destination for duck hunting enthusiasts. The state’s diverse habitats offer excellent opportunities to experience some of the best waterfowl hunting in the country. However, before you pack your gear and head out for the hunt, it’s important to know when duck hunting season begins in Arkansas.

Early Season Hunting Dates

The first segment of duck hunting season in Arkansas usually starts during October and runs through November. This is typically referred to as early-season hunting because at this time, hunters can only shoot certain species of ducks such as teal, gadwall, wood ducks, and mallards.

Main Hunting Dates

The main part of duck season typically begins after Thanksgiving Day and lasts until late January. During this time period, hunters can shoot a wider variety of species that include wigeon, pintail, canvasback along with other common types such as mallards.

Late-Season Hunting Dates

If you’re still looking to get your fix after the main season ends – no problem! Afterward – from January 30th till February 5th – there is an additional week-long late-season hunt where various species including Mallards are allowed to be hunted again throughout the entire state!


Duck hunting remains one of the most exciting outdoor activities for many people around Arkansas today. From early season hunts starting in October and lasting into November followed by full blown general waterfowl opening dates spanning Thanksgiving Day through late-January; Arkansas offers ample opportunities within its distinct ecological zones found statewide so everyone should take note about upcoming dates before heading out into either public or private land areas!