Florida Duck Hunting Season: When to Start Your Hunt


Duck hunting is a popular sport in Florida among enthusiasts who love the outdoors and appreciate wildlife. However, before heading out to hunt ducks, it’s important to know when the season starts and ends.

Dates of Duck Hunting Season

The duck hunting season in Florida typically begins around November or December and lasts until January or February. The specific dates may vary depending on the region you plan to hunt in. It’s essential to check with your state wildlife agency for accurate information on exact start and end dates.

Licensing Requirements

To participate in duck hunting activities, hunters must have a valid license issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). A Federal Duck Stamp is also mandatory to hunt any migratory waterfowl including ducks. Additionally, hunters are required to complete a hunter safety course before purchasing their licenses.

Rules & Regulations

Florida has several laws governing duck hunting that hunters must follow strictly. For example, hunters can only take specific species of ducks during certain time frames; some birds such as wood ducks have separate daily bag limits than other species like mottled ducks or teal; non-toxic shot should be used while targeting waterfowls etcetera.


In conclusion, every year thousands of people enjoy duck hunting seasons here in Florida due to our warm weather condition making it one of the best states for this activity. Nonetheless, once you’ve obtained your licenses from proper authorities ,it’s vital that you comply with all relevant rules guiding this sport so as not endanger both human lives or even those feathered friends we love dearly -Happy Hunting!