Ohio Duck Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know


Ohio is known for its beautiful landscapes, including vast lakes and wetlands that make it a popular destination for duck hunting. However, before heading out to the great outdoors, it’s crucial to know when duck hunting season begins in Ohio.

Duck Hunting Season

The state of Ohio offers an array of waterfowl hunting opportunities each year with different dates and bag limits. The regular duck hunting season usually starts on the last Saturday in October and lasts until late January or early February. During this period, hunters can take various species such as mallards, wood ducks, pintails, black ducks among others.

Hunting Regulations

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with Ohio’s state regulations governing waterfowl hunting before you head out into the field. You must have a valid Ohio Wetland Habitat Stamp endorsement and Federal Duck Stamp while duck hunting. Hunters are also required to use non-toxic shot shells only while they’re in the field practicing their sport.

Additionally, hunters should check local county rules regarding where they can hunt within specific areas such as public lands or private properties leased by ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources). They should wear appropriate clothing like camouflage gear meant for damp environments since most ducks blend well with their surroundings.


In summary, if you’re planning a trip to Ohio for your next duck-hunting adventure; remember that there is a specific season when this activity takes place legally- starting on the last Saturday in October through late January/early February each year. It’s important not only to comply with these dates but also state regulations regarding licenses and equipment requirements while enjoying time spent pursuing game birds amidst scenic outdoor spaces across our beautiful Buckeye State!