Duck Hunting Season in Texas: When to Start Planning Your Next Trip


If you’re an avid hunter, or just looking to try duck hunting for the first time, it’s important to know when the season is in Texas. Each year, there are specific dates set by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that will help ensure a successful hunting trip.

Dates of Duck Hunting Season in Texas

The 2021-2022 duck hunting season in Texas runs from November 6th through January 30th. During this time period, hunters can legally hunt ducks with firearms as long as they have the proper licensing and permits required by the state.

Regulations and Limits

It’s essential to remember that while duck hunting season may be open during these dates, there are still strict regulations that must be followed. For example, hunters are only allowed to take certain species of ducks and must follow bag limits set by the state. Additionally, it is illegal to use certain types of equipment such as live decoys or electronic calls.

Preparing for Duck Hunting Season

As with any outdoor activity involving firearms, preparation is key. Before heading out on your next duck hunting trip in Texas make sure you have all necessary permits and licenses up-to-date. It’s also important to carefully review all regulations before hitting the field – ignorance of these laws is not an excuse! Finally, safety should always be a top priority when engaging in any kind of outdoor activity so make sure everyone involved has proper safety training beforehand.


In summary if you’re thinking about going on a duck-hunting trip this year in Texas then plan accordingly because those dates don’t last forever! Understanding when the official seasons are can save you from potential red tape down-the-line at check-points – which would ruin anyone’s day out shooting ducks! Remember: follow all regulations closely beforehand; always make safety your top priority; and have a great time out in the field.