Colorado Elk Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Before You Go


Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife, including the majestic elk. If you’re a hunting enthusiast or just an avid lover of nature, you may be wondering when the elk hunting season in Colorado takes place.

Hunting Seasons

The general hunting season for elk in Colorado typically runs from late August to early November. However, specific dates can vary depending on where you plan to hunt and what type of tag you have. It’s important to do your research and check with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department for up-to-date information on regulations and seasons.

Licenses & Tags

To legally hunt elk in Colorado, hunters are required to purchase both a license and a tag. Licenses can be purchased online through the CPW website or at various authorized sales locations throughout the state. Tags are issued through a drawing system, which opens in early spring each year. Hunters who aren’t drawn during this process may still have opportunities to purchase leftover tags later on.

Regulations & Guidelines

It’s crucial to follow all regulations set forth by the CPW while hunting elk in Colorado. This includes adhering to bag limits, using proper equipment, wearing appropriate safety gear (such as blaze orange clothing), and reporting any kills within 48 hours of harvest. Additionally, certain areas may have additional restrictions or guidelines based on local conservation efforts.


Elk hunting season is an exciting time in Colorado that draws thousands of enthusiasts each year. By understanding seasonal dates, licensing requirements, regulations/guidelines- hunters can make informed decisions that ensure their safety while enjoying all that our state has to offer!