Oregon Elk Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Hunt


Oregon is known for its vast forests and wildlife, including the majestic elk. Elk hunting season in Oregon is a highly-anticipated event by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. If you’re planning on joining in on the fun, it’s important to know when elk hunting season takes place.

Hunting Seasons

Elk hunting season in Oregon typically runs from August through February, with different seasons for different regions of the state. Archery elk hunting starts early August until September while general rifle seasons usually begin in October and end sometime before November 30th. Keep in mind that exact dates may vary each year based on population counts and other factors determined by local authorities.

Licenses and Permits

Before going out to hunt an elk, make sure you have all necessary licenses and permits required by the state of Oregon. Non-residents need an Elk General Season Tag plus a Hunting License to participate while residents can apply online or purchase them at authorized retailers throughout the state.

Regulations & Restrictions

It’s important to understand that there are rules around how many elks you can hunt per year as well as specific regulations about gender (bulls only), legal weapons (rifles or bows), etc., these restrictions will depend upon area regulations where one wishes to hunt.


In summary, if you’re looking forward to experiencing Oregon’s energetic outdoors while also getting your hands dirty with some Elk meat this fall & winter then be sure to stay updated on current regulations regarding bag limits, areas open during each specific season segment among other regulations so as not run afoul of local laws which could land one into serious trouble!