Wisconsin Hunting Season: The Complete Guide to Gun Hunting


Wisconsin is among the top 10 states in the United States for hunting enthusiasts. The Badger State’s wildlife management program ensures that hunters have enough animals to hunt each year. There are several hunting seasons throughout the year, including gun hunting season.

When is Gun Hunting Season in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, gun deer hunting season usually starts on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and runs for around nine days. This means that November marks a busy month for hunters across Wisconsin as they prepare their gear and guns to go out into the woods.

A Brief History of Gun Hunting Season in Wisconsin

The tradition of gun deer hunting began in 1851 when laws were passed allowing people to hunt outside of their own property if they had licenses. In those days, it was common practice to use smoothbore muskets or shotguns which had little accuracy beyond 50 yards; this meant that many more hunters would go home empty-handed without successfully bagging a deer.

It wasn’t until much later when rifle-hunting became popular, providing greater accuracy at longer distances but also posing new safety risks due to increased range and velocity.

Tips for Hunters During Gun Hunting Season

Hunters need essential equipment like blaze-orange clothing, boots, backpacks with maps or GPS trackers installed so they can navigate through unfamiliar terrain safely. One should always keep firearms unloaded until you reach your location; it’s important not only because accidental discharge could lead to serious injury or death but also because law enforcement officers can issue hefty fines if discovered carrying loaded weapons illegally on public land.

Being prepared is key during gun deer season: understanding rules and regulations set by state officials can make all difference between returning with trophy buck versus going home empty-handed!