Georgia Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Before You Go


Living in Georgia comes with its perks, including the opportunity to hunt in the great outdoors. Hunting season is a special time for nature enthusiasts and hunters alike. For those who are new to hunting or not familiar with the regulations, it can be challenging to know when hunting season starts and ends in Georgia.

Hunting Seasons

In Georgia, hunting seasons vary depending on the type of game you are pursuing. Typically most hunting seasons kick off around September or October and run through January or February of the following year. The specific dates for each species can be found on websites such as The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website.

Licenses and Permits

Before heading out into the woods for your next big hunt, it’s essential to make sure that you have obtained all necessary licenses and permits required by law. In Georgia, anyone born after January 1st, 1961 must obtain a valid Hunter Safety Certification before purchasing any license or permit required for hunts taking place during all open firearm seasons.

Rules & Regulations

It’s essential that all hunters pay close attention to rules regarding legal game species limits while they’re out there trying their best at bagging a buck! These rules may include restrictions on what weapons can be used during certain times of year and strict bag limits which limit how many deer you may kill throughout one given season.


When is Hunting Season in Georgia? While it varies based on specific species being regulated; generally from September-January timeframe covers most types of game available within this state! Regardless if you’re an experienced hunter or just getting started- adhering closely set guidelines will ensure everyone’s safety during this exciting sport we call “Hunting Season”!