Idaho Hunting Season: All You Need to Know Before You Go


As an avid hunter, it’s important to know when hunting season is in Idaho. Hunting seasons vary depending on the game and location, so it’s crucial to do your research before heading out into the wilderness.

Big Game Hunting Season

Idaho has a variety of big game animals available for hunting, including elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and black bear. The dates of the hunting season depend on which animal you’re targeting and where you plan to hunt them. For example, elk season typically starts in late August or early September in most parts of Idaho and runs until December while deer season usually begins in late October and ends mid-December.

Small Game Hunting Season

In addition to big game hunting seasons, there are also opportunities for small game hunting in Idaho throughout the year. Small game refers to birds like grouse and quail as well as rabbits and squirrels. These animals typically have longer seasons than big game with some open all year round.

Licenses & Permits

Before embarking on any hunt in Idaho it’s mandatory that hunters obtain licenses & permits from IDFG (Idaho Fish & Game). Obtaining these documents will require paying fees which can vary based on residency status along with other factors such as age group etc., Most importantly Hunters should make sure they have acquired all necessary documentation ahead of time before setting foot outside their home state.

Closing Thoughts

Hunting is a popular activity among many residents of Boise County – As long as you’re aware about regulations concerning when/where certain species may be hunted coupled with acquiring necessary permits/licenses ahead-of-time; You’ll be able to enjoy this breath-taking outdoor experience without any legal trouble! Always remember safety precautions like wearing orange clothing during hunts since accidents can happen. Happy Hunting!