Michigan Hunting Season: When to Go For the Best Results


As a hunter, one of the most important things to know is when hunting season starts and ends. Michigan has some of the best hunting grounds in the country, with a diverse range of game species. So if you’re planning on going for a hunt in this great state, it’s crucial that you know when hunting season begins.

Mi Hunting Season Dates

The dates for hunting season vary depending on what type of animal you want to hunt. For example, archery deer hunting typically starts on October 1st and runs through January 1st. However, firearm deer season doesn’t start until November 15th and lasts for just over two weeks until November 30th.

Licenses and Permits Required

In order to hunt in Michigan during hunting season, hunters are required to have a valid license and permit. The cost varies depending on factors such as residency status or age group but generally ranges from $6-$76 per year. A base license is required before purchasing any additional licenses or permits.

Safety Tips To Follow During Hunting Season

Hunting can be an enjoyable experience but safety should always come first! It’s important to wear bright colors so other hunters can see you easily while out in the woods; consider wearing blaze orange clothing or accessories that cover your entire body including your head & hands as well as carrying bear spray or pepper spray along with firearms training prior starting into wild forest areas!

Remembering these key points will ensure that your next trip into the beautiful outdoors is both successful and safe! Make sure to stay informed about seasonal closures by checking MI DNR website regularly before heading out onto public land which includes up-to-date information about weather conditions near specific locations as well because don’t forget – even if it’s not currently raining locally where YOU live…it might still be pouring elsewhere!