Heading to New Hampshire for Hunting Season? Here’s What You Need to Know


New Hampshire is a state known for its scenic beauty and abundant wildlife. Hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the state, with thousands of hunters hitting the woods every year to pursue game such as deer, bear, turkey, and small game. If you’re planning on hunting in New Hampshire, it’s important to know when hunting season begins and ends.

Deer Hunting Season

Deer hunting season is one of the most highly anticipated times of year for hunters in New Hampshire. The exact dates vary depending on where you plan to hunt and what type of firearm or archery equipment you’re using. Generally speaking, archery season runs from mid-September through early December while firearms season takes place during November.

Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting in New Hampshire usually takes place during September through November when bears are out looking for food before hibernating for winter. Bear permit applications are handled by a lottery system so make sure to apply well ahead if you want a chance at this challenging hunt.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkeys can be found all over New Hampshire making them an accessible target for many hunters who enjoy hiking through fields or forests while calling turkeys into their decoys with carefully crafted calls that mimic their natural sounds. Turkey seasons begin around May and run until end-June.

In Conclusion,

Before heading out on your next hunting trip in New Hampshire, make sure that you have checked current regulations affecting your area including bag limits restrictions etc., obtained necessary permits/licenses required by law (if any), packed appropriate gear & clothing essentials; And lastly we wish a happy & successful time!