New Jersey Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Before You Go


If you’re an avid hunter or simply looking to explore the great outdoors in New Jersey, knowing when hunting season begins is essential. Whether you prefer hunting deer, turkey, or small game like squirrels and rabbits, understanding the different seasons can help you plan your hunting trips accordingly.

Deer Hunting Season

For many hunters in New Jersey, deer season is a highlight of the year. The state offers two distinct seasons for deer hunting: bow season and firearms season. Bow season typically begins in mid-September and runs until late February. Firearms season takes place from mid-November to early December. It’s important to note that specific dates may vary depending on your location within the state.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting is another popular activity among hunters in New Jersey. The exact dates for turkey hunting vary depending on whether you’ll be using a shotgun or a bow and arrow. Shotgun-only periods usually fall between April 17th and May 28th each year while archery-only periods take place throughout October.

Small Game Hunting Season

Small game hunters have plenty of opportunities to pursue their prey throughout New Jersey’s lengthy small game seasons. Depending on what type of animal you’re targeting – such as squirrel or rabbit – different regulations may apply regarding permitted weapons (such as shotguns) and bag limits.


Whether you’re new to hunting or simply hoping to learn more about it, understanding when each specific hunt opens up can make all the difference when planning out your next trip into nature this coming year! By checking with official sources like NJ Fish & Wildlife regulations online before heading out will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience during their upcoming outdoor adventures!