Mark Your Calendars: North Carolina Hunting Season Dates


As an outdoor enthusiast, it’s important to know when hunting season starts in North Carolina. The state has a diverse range of game species and plenty of public land for hunters to explore. By understanding when hunting season begins, you can plan your trips accordingly and make the most out of your time in the field.

Hunting Season Calendar

North Carolina’s hunting seasons are determined by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC). They publish an annual calendar that outlines the dates for each species’ season. Typically, deer season runs from mid-September until early January, with specific dates varying based on location and weapon type used. Turkey season generally takes place from early April through mid-May. Small game like rabbit and squirrel have more extended seasons throughout fall and winter.

Licensing Requirements

Before going into the woods during hunting season, you’ll need a proper license issued by NCWRC or a licensed vendor authorized to sell licenses on their behalf. Hunters must also complete a hunter education course before buying their first license if they were born after Jan 1st, 1967.

Safety Considerations

Hunting safety is paramount during any time of year but especially so during hunting seasons when firearms are being used frequently around people who may not be familiar with them. Hunters should always wear blaze orange clothing to help prevent accidental shootings while moving about in areas where other hunters might also be present.
Other standard safety precautions include keeping weapons unloaded until ready for use and following regulations regarding shooting distance from roads or buildings.

In conclusion, knowing when hunting season is taking place along with licensing requirements will enable anyone interested in this activity within North Carolina territory to take advantage of its opportunities responsibly while building amazing memories in nature safely!