RI Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know About When It Starts


Hunting in Rhode Island is a popular activity that many residents look forward to every year. However, hunting season dates can vary depending on the game you’re pursuing. Knowing when hunting season begins and ends can help hunters plan their trips accordingly.

Hunting Season for Deer

The deer hunting season is one of the most anticipated events for Rhode Island hunters. The archery season usually starts in early October and lasts until mid-November, while the muzzleloading rifle and shotgun seasons typically run from late November through December. It’s important to note that specific dates may change each year, so be sure to check with the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) before heading out.

Small Game Hunting Season

Rhode Island also offers small game hunting opportunities throughout the state during various times of the year. These species include rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, quail, grouse, and woodcock. Small game seasons vary widely depending on species but generally begin in fall or winter.

Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons

Migratory bird hunting includes waterfowl like ducks and geese as well as doves and woodcocks. Seasons vary based on federal regulations which are set annually by U.S Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). Hunters should consult with DEM prior to engaging in any migratory bird hunt.


If you’re an avid hunter living in Rhode Island or just passing through this beautiful state during its designated hunting seasons then it’s time to gear up! With proper planning and following all laws/rules/regulations set forth by DEM one can enjoy an amazing outdoor experience while appreciating nature’s wild beauty at its best too!