Tennessee’s Hunting Season: Dates to Remember


If you’re an avid hunter in Tennessee, you may be wondering when hunting season is for your favorite game. It’s important to know the dates of hunting seasons so that you can plan accordingly and ensure that you are following all state regulations.

Hunting Seasons in Tennessee

Hunting seasons vary based on the type of game and the location within Tennessee. The most commonly hunted animals in Tennessee include deer, turkey, bear, and small game such as rabbits and squirrels. Each animal has its own designated season with specific start and end dates.

Deer Hunting Season

Deer hunting is one of the most popular types of hunting in Tennessee. The season typically begins in late September or early October for archery hunters, while gun hunters must wait until November to hit the woods. However, there may be different zones within the state with varying start times.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting season falls between March and May each year in Tennessee. This time period allows for plenty of opportunities to hunt these elusive birds during their breeding season when they are more vocal.

Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting is a unique experience offered only by a few states including Tennessee. In this state, bear hunts take place either by permit or through quota hunts which have predetermined limits on how many bears can be harvested each year.

In Conclusion,

As an enthusiastic hunter residing in TN, it’s critical to understand when every species’ particular period starts so that we don’t violate any laws while still enjoying our favored activities without interruption from law enforcement agents once we’ve confirmed we’re good-to-go! So get out your maps/your calendar and schedule some camping trips around your favorite species’ respective seasons!