Tennessee Hunting Season: When and Where to Go Hunting in TN


Are you planning a hunting trip to Tennessee? Before packing up your gear and heading out, it’s important to know when hunting season occurs in the state. The dates for each game vary depending on the animal being hunted, so read on to find out more.

Deer Hunting Season

Deer hunting season is one of the most popular times for hunters in Tennessee. In 2021-22, archery season begins September 25th and lasts until October 29th. Gun season starts November 20th and ends January 9th. For young or disabled hunters who need special accommodations, there are also exclusive seasons available during specific dates.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting is another big event for hunters in Tennessee. This year’s spring turkey season took place from April 3rd until May 16th. The fall turkey gun hunt will take place from October 9-15 with an archery-only hunt from October18-November5.

Other Game Seasons

Besides deer and turkey, there are several other types of animals that can be hunted throughout the year including ducks, small game like rabbit or squirrel as well as bear which have very specific time frames set by TWRA regulations according to region type (bear units).

Licensing Requirements

In order to legally participate in any of these hunts within Tennessee before opening day all individuals must secure proper licensing through TWRA either online via their website or at designated locations around the state prior if they do not already possess one; those caught without proper documentation may face serious legal trouble.

Now that you’re aware of when hunting takes place in Tennessee you can plan accordingly based on what type of game you’re interested in pursuing this year – So get ready! Grab your gear , study up on regulations , grab your friends and enjoy the hunt.