Vermont Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go


Vermont is a beautiful state with a rich history of hunting. If you’re an avid hunter, planning your next big trip to Vermont should be on the top of your list! But before packing up your gear and heading out, it’s important to know when hunting season in Vermont starts.

Hunting Season Dates

The dates for hunting season in Vermont vary depending on the type of game you’re pursuing. Generally, archery-only seasons begin earlier than rifle or muzzleloader seasons. For instance, moose season takes place in October while deer and turkey seasons occur from November through December.

Licensing and Permits

To hunt legally in Vermont, all hunters are required to have a valid license purchased from the Department of Fish & Wildlife. In addition to this compulsory permit, certain species also require special permits like those for antlerless deer or bear hunts.

Safety Tips

Hunting can be dangerous if not handled responsibly; therefore, taking safety precautions is essential. It’s highly recommended that everyone wear bright orange clothing during hunting activities as well as keeping their firearms pointed away from other people at all times.


Hunting season in Vermont brings excitement for many hunters who plan ahead by purchasing necessary licenses and permits early on while following basic safety guidelines throughout their journey. This experience will undoubtedly create memories that last a lifetime amongst nature’s beauty.