West Virginia Hunting Season: Dates and Highlights


West Virginia is an excellent destination for hunters with its diverse terrain and abundant wildlife. If you’re a hunting enthusiast, you may be wondering when the hunting season in WV starts. Well, read on as we provide all the information you need to know.

The Dates of Hunting Season in West Virginia

Hunting season varies depending on the type of game and location within West Virginia. Generally, deer hunting season starts from mid-September until December. On the other hand, bear hunting begins by late September through early December. Moreover, turkey-hunting usually takes place during spring; however, fall turkey hunts are allowed too.

Hunting Regulations in West Virginia

It’s crucial to be familiar with WV’s regulations before embarking on your hunt since failure to follow them could land you into trouble with law enforcement authorities. Some regulations include obtaining appropriate licenses and tags for specific games hunted, following ethical practices while out in the field (such as not shooting from roads), among others.

Where to Hunt Game Animals in WV?

Once you have obtained your license and tag(s) and are ready to head out into nature for some thrilling adventure, there are many areas throughout West Virginia where people can legally hunt animals reasonably accessible: state parks such as Stonewall Jackson Resort State Park or Chief Logan State Park offer an opportunity for big game animal hunts like black bear or white-tailed deer; Monongahela National Forest is another popular spot known amongst hunters due to its vastness of wilderness territory ideal for a variety of different game species.


In summary: if searching for top-notch places that provide great hiking trails mixed with breathtaking scenery plus plentiful opportunities at harvesting amazing trophy bucks or other types of wild-game animals – then look no further than contemplating starting your next adventure into one of those listed above! And always remember to follow the regulations set by WV authorities and practice safety measures while hunting.