Maryland Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go


Are you planning a hunting trip in Maryland but unsure when the hunting season is? Look no further as this article provides all the information you need on when to plan your next trip.

Hunting Season for Deer and Small Game

The hunting season for deer and small game typically begins in September and lasts until January. This includes animals such as rabbit, squirrel, quail, pheasant, and turkey. However, it’s important to note that each specific species may have different dates within this range so be sure to check with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) before planning your trip.

Hunting Season for Waterfowl

For those interested in waterfowl hunting, October marks the start of the season which runs through January. This includes ducks and geese with specific dates designated for each species. The DNR also releases an annual guidebook providing detailed information about bag limits and other regulations.

Regulations to Keep in Mind

While hunting can be a thrilling experience, it’s crucially important that hunters are well-versed on state laws and regulations regarding safety measures like wearing orange clothing or staying within designated areas while using firearms. Hunters should also pay close attention to bag limits specified by species type throughout their trip.


Now that you know when Maryland’s hunting season takes place for various types of game wildlife – from deer and small game through waterfowls – hunters can start planning their next excursion with confidence knowing they’ll adhere both state laws/regulations as well taking advantage of prime seasonal opportunities to harvest some delicious meats!