Hunting Season in New York: Everything You Need to Know


Hunting is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by many people in New York. But when exactly is hunting season? In this blog post, we will explore the different hunting seasons in New York and provide some helpful tips for hunters.

Big Game Hunting Seasons

New York offers several big game hunting seasons throughout the year, including deer, bear, and turkey. The deer season typically starts in late September or early October and ends in December. Bear season usually starts around mid-September and lasts until mid-November. Turkey season runs from May through June. It’s important to check with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for specific dates as they may vary depending on location.

Small Game Hunting Seasons

Aside from big game, New York also has small game hunting seasons that include rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, and quail among others. Small game hunting often takes place during the fall months but can also extend into winter or spring depending on species and location.

Hunting Regulations

Before participating in any hunt within New York State limits it’s important to understand state regulations as well as any local rules that may apply. The DEC provides detailed information about licensing requirements, bag limits for each species hunted as well as other restrictions so be sure to do your research before hitting the woods!

Safety Tips For Hunters

Safety should always be a top priority when out on a hunt! Be sure to wear plenty of blaze orange clothing especially during firearm seasons where visibility is key. Properly identified targets are another crucial component of safe hunts so double-check before pulling that trigger!

In conclusion; whether you’re an experienced hunter or just starting out there’s something here for everyone interested in exploring all that NY state has to offer hunters looking for their next adventure! So get outdoors this fall/Winter/Spring season and explore all the great hunting opportunities New York has to offer!