The End of Hunting Season in Texas: What You Need to Know Before It’s Over


Are you an avid hunter in Texas? Are you curious about when the hunting season ends? If so, read on to find out all the information you need to know.

Hunting Seasons by Game

In Texas, hunting seasons vary by game. For example, deer hunting season typically runs from October through January, while turkey hunting season usually takes place in the spring. It’s important to check with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for specific dates for each game.

Closing Dates for Hunting Season

While some seasons run until February or even March, most of them end before then. The official closing date for all seasons is typically January 31st unless otherwise specified by law. Keep in mind that certain counties may have additional regulations or variances.

Regulations and Restrictions

It’s crucial for hunters to follow all state and local laws during their hunts. There are strict regulations regarding bag limits (the number of animals one may hunt), allowed weapons and ammo types, and required licenses and permits. Make sure to review these guidelines before heading out into the field.


As a hunter in Texas, staying informed on seasonal closures and regulations is essential. By understanding when your favorite games’ hunting seasons begin/end or keeping up-to-date with any restrictions or variances set forth by local authorities can help ensure that your hunt is safe both legally compliant-wise as well as conservation-wise – let’s do our part!