Maine Moose Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know Before Going Out


As a hunting enthusiast, one of the most memorable experiences is tracking down the elusive moose. And what better place to hunt this animal than Maine? With its vast forests and abundant wildlife, it’s no wonder that thousands of hunters flock to Maine every year in search of their prized trophy.

Moose Hunting Season Dates

Moose hunting season in Maine typically begins on the last Monday in September and lasts for six days until Saturday. However, certain zones have different dates so be sure to check with the local Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife before beginning your hunt. It’s important to note that there are only a limited number of permits given out each year through a lottery system, making this experience all the more exclusive and exciting.


Maine has strict regulations when it comes to moose hunting. Hunters must possess a valid permit and tag along with their license. Additionally, they are required by law to wear at least 400 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing above their waist while hunting during firearms season (excluding archery-only seasons). Lastly, hunters must report any harvested animals within 12 hours using an online registration process or by calling a designated phone number.

Tips for Hunting Moose in Maine

If you’re planning on going moose hunting in Maine for the first time, here are some tips from seasoned hunters: firstly, make sure you have appropriate gear such as sturdy boots and clothing made for outdoor activities; secondly – invest in good quality binoculars because spotting game can be challenging; thirdly – take advantage of early scouting opportunities which will give you an idea about where moose concentrate during that time period; finally — practice your shooting skills beforehand so that you’re ready when it matters most.

In conclusion
Moose hunting season is an exciting time for many enthusiasts who want nothing more than to test their skills and bring home a trophy. However, it’s important to remember that hunting is also about respecting the animals and following regulations set in place by local authorities. With the right preparation, knowledge of regulations, and appropriate gear for the task at hand, you’ll be ready for an unforgettable moose hunting experience in Maine.