Timing Matters: When Is the Best Time to Hunt Hogs?


Hunting hogs has become a popular outdoor activity in recent years. It not only offers an adrenaline rush but also helps control the hog population, which can cause damage to crops and local ecosystems. However, before heading out into the field with your hunting gear, it’s essential to know when the best time is to hunt hogs.

The Season

The most common time for hog hunting season is during fall and winter months. During this time of year, the weather conditions tend to be cooler and more favorable for hunting. Additionally, hogs are more active during these seasons as they search for food before entering their dormant phase.

The Time of Day

Choosing the right time of day plays a significant role in increasing your chances of success while hog hunting. Generally speaking, late evening or early morning is ideal since hogs are nocturnal animals and tend to be more active at night.

The Moon Phase

Another important factor while planning your hog hunting trip is considering the moon phase. Hogs have poor vision but an excellent sense of smell; therefore, they rely on moonlight reflecting off objects around them at night. A bright full moon provides adequate lighting that enables hunters to spot their target better than other phases when there isn’t much light available.


Knowing when it’s best to hunt hogs comes down to understanding their behavior patterns fully and being able to use that knowledge effectively in your favor. By taking note of all these factors mentioned above – seasonality, timing (morning/night), lunar cycle – you can increase your chances significantly while going on your next hog-hunting adventure!