Turkey Hunting 101: When is the Best Time to Hunt Turkeys


Hunting may be a thrilling and exciting activity, especially if you’re interested in turkey hunting. But before grabbing your gear and hitting the woods, it’s important to know when the best time to hunt turkeys is. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that determine the perfect timing for turkey hunting.

Spring Turkey Hunting

Spring turkey hunting is an excellent opportunity for hunters who want to bag their trophy bird. The season usually starts at different times depending on your location but typically begins in late March or early April. During springtime, male turkeys (also known as toms) become more active and vocal as they search for mates. This means that they will respond more readily to calls made by hunters, making it easier to locate them.

Fall Turkey Hunting

Fall turkey hunting can be just as rewarding as spring turkey hunting but requires a different approach. Typically occurring from October through December, fall hunts revolve around scouting habitats where flocks of hens and young birds feed together during daylight hours. Once located, hunters can call these groups into range using soft clucks or yelps.

Weather Conditions

The weather plays an essential role in successful turkey hunting since it affects how actively birds move throughout their habitat each day. As such, warm temperatures often reduce bird activity levels while cooler conditions increase mobility chances; therefore cool mornings are ideal since turkeys tend to move around more freely during those times.


In conclusion, knowing when is the best time of year to hunt turkeys depends on several factors such as seasonal changes in behavior patterns of wild game species influenced by climate conditions like temperature fluctuations affecting animal movements within ecosystems over periods ranging from days up until months long durations which also impacts hunter success rates over longer timelines too!