Youth Deer Hunt in Minnesota: A Guide to the Seasonal 2020 Dates

What is the Youth Deer Hunt in Minnesota?

The Youth Deer Hunt in Minnesota is a special deer hunting season created specifically for young hunters. It provides an opportunity for youth to experience the thrill of hunting while learning about safety, ethics, and conservation practices. The hunt also encourages family traditions and bonding through hunting experiences.

When is the Youth Deer Hunt in Minnesota?

The dates of the Youth Deer Hunt vary from year to year but generally occur on the second weekend of October. In 2021, it will take place on October 16-17th. During this time, youth hunters have priority over other hunters in certain areas designated by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Who can participate in the Youth Deer Hunt in Minnesota?

The Youth Deer Hunt is open to anyone who holds a valid firearms deer license and meets age requirements set by DNR. The hunter must be between ages 10-17 years old at the time they apply for their license.

How do I participate in the Youth Deer Hunt?

If you meet all eligibility requirements and want to participate, you need to purchase a firearm deer license that includes a bonus tag or permit intended for use during youth season from any licensed vendor. You must also follow all rules regarding tagging procedures, restrictions on equipment used during hunts as outlined by DNR regulations.

In conclusion, participating in something like MN’s youth deer hunt could create lifelong memories with your child or grandchild while instilling ethical values related to safe hunting practices from an early age!