Wisconsin’s Youth Turkey Hunt: What You Need to Know Before Taking Part

What is the Youth Turkey Hunt in Wisconsin?

The Youth Turkey Hunt in Wisconsin is an annual event that allows young hunters to hone their skills and take part in a unique outdoor experience. It is designed for youth ages 10-15 who hold a valid turkey hunting license or mentored turkey hunting permit. The hunt takes place over two days, giving kids plenty of time to explore the outdoors and learn from experienced mentors.

When Does the Youth Turkey Hunt Take Place in Wisconsin?

The dates for the yearly event vary each year but typically fall on either a Saturday or Sunday during mid-April. This timing coincides with spring turkey season, which opens later in April. Hunters must apply through the Department of Natural Resources website before participating.

Why Should You Consider Participating?

Participating in the Youth Turkey Hunt can be an exciting opportunity for young hunters and non-hunters alike. Not only does it provide quality mentorship opportunities with experienced hunters, but it also introduces children to wildlife conservation principles and ethics surrounding responsible hunting practices early on.

Furthermore, this program fosters lifelong learning about ecological systems as well as strengthens relationships between families while enjoying nature together.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you’re interested in taking part in the next Youth Turkey Hunt, head over to Department of Natural Resources’ website to get more information on permits/application deadlines/drawings/mentoring programs/etcetera. Remember that underaged participants have limited permits available per state regulations so applying early can increase your chances of being selected!