Turkey Hunting in Florida: What You Need to Know About the Season


Florida is home to an abundance of wildlife and offers a variety of hunting opportunities throughout the year. Turkey hunting season in Florida is one of the most popular seasons amongst hunters. In this blog post, we will explore when turkey hunting season takes place in Florida.

The Dates for Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting season in Florida typically starts during the spring months and runs from March to April. During this time, turkeys are most active as they start their breeding cycle. The state also offers a fall turkey season that usually begins in mid-November and lasts until mid-January.

Licenses and Permits Required for Turkey Hunting Season

To hunt turkeys legally in Florida, you must have a valid hunting license and turkey permit. If you are a resident hunter aged 16 years or older, you need to purchase a $17 Wildlife Management Area (WMA) permit with your annual license before participating in any WMA hunts. Non-residents can purchase these permits for $46 along with their general non-resident hunting license.

Tips for Successful Turkey Hunting Season

There’s no guarantee that you’ll bag yourself some birds during turkey hunting season -it’s not really called “catching”, after all- but there are tips that can help improve your chances of success.
Firstly, ensure that your equipment is properly maintained – including guns or bows – so everything works correctly on the big day.
Secondly, scout where birds gather beforehand; look out for pre-season flock movements across feeding areas such as fields containing nuts such as acorns or hickory nuts.
Lastly, be patient! Turkeys have excellent eyesight & hearing skills- tread lightly while moving toward them!


In conclusion, if you’re looking forward to going on a turkey hunt during your next visit to Florida, it’s essential that you understand the rules and regulations of turkey hunting in Florida. Remember to apply for your necessary licenses and permits, maintain your equipment properly, scout beforehand and approach cautiously when tracking the turkeys. Happy Hunting!