Where to Hunt Hogs for Free in Florida: The Ultimate Guide


Are you looking for an outdoor adventure that won’t break the bank? Hunting wild hogs in Florida might be just what you’re after. Not only are these animals a nuisance to farmers and landowners, but they also make for some tasty meals. The best part? There are places where you can hunt hogs for free.

Public Lands

Florida offers plenty of public lands where hunting is allowed, including state forests, wildlife management areas, and water management districts. While there may be some restrictions on when and where you can hunt, many of these locations allow hog hunting year-round with no permit required. Some popular options include Apalachicola National Forest and Ocala National Forest.

Private Landowner Agreements

If you know someone who owns land in Florida that is overrun with feral hogs, it’s worth asking if they would allow you to come out and hunt them. Many private landowners are happy to have hunters help control the population of these destructive animals. Just make sure to get permission first and follow any rules or regulations they have in place.

Hunting Leases

While not exactly “free,” joining a hunting lease can give you access to private land at a reasonable cost. These leases typically require an annual fee or membership dues but often offer exclusive access to prime hunting grounds that aren’t available elsewhere. If hog hunting is your main objective, look for leases that specifically allow this type of game.

Hire A Guide

If all else fails or if you’re new to hog hunting altogether, hiring a guide might be your best bet. While this option will cost money upfront, it can save time and potentially increase your chances of success by providing expert knowledge about where the hogs are most active during different times of day/seasons/etc., as well as what equipment and tactics work best. Plus, many guides have access to private land that is not open to the public.


Hunting hogs for free in Florida may take some effort and research, but it’s certainly possible. Consider exploring public lands, making agreements with private landowners, joining hunting leases or hiring a guide if you want to try your hand at this exciting sport. Just remember to always hunt safely and ethically while enjoying all that Florida’s great outdoors has to offer.