California Rabbit Hunting: Where to Find the Perfect Spot


Are you planning on going rabbit hunting in California but don’t know where to start? This article will provide you with some useful tips and information about the best places to hunt rabbits in California.

State Wildlife Areas and National Forests

California is known for its vast wildlife areas and national forests that offer excellent rabbit hunting opportunities. The state has more than 800,000 acres of public lands designated for hunting. Some popular options include the Los Padres National Forest, Tahoe National Forest, Mendocino National Forest, Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge, San Joaquin River NWR, among others.

Private Lands

Apart from public lands, many private ranches also open up their doors to hunters during rabbit season. If you have connections or know someone who owns a land suitable for rabbit hunting in California, it can be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of such privileges.

Hunting Regulations in California

Before setting out on your rabbit-hunting adventure in California’s wildlands or private property make sure that you are familiar with the rules and regulations governing this activity. You need a valid license from the state’s Department of Fish And Wildlife (DFW), which offers different types of licenses depending on age and residency status.

Note: It’s advisable always to check up-to-date regulations before embarking on any hunting trip as they tend to change often.

Tips for Rabbit Hunting

Once you’ve identified your preferred location(s) and acquired all necessary documents continue sharpening your skills using these tips:

– Scout potential locations ahead of time
– Dress appropriately based on weather conditions; think layers during winter months.
– Invest In a Good Pair Of Hunting Boots
– Use Quality Equipment including calls like predator calls if possible.


Rabbit Hunting can be an enjoyable experience in California. Ensure that you follow the regulations and tips above to have a successful trip both for your safety and enjoyment. With these guidelines, you’ll be better equipped to find the best hunting spots, stay safe while enjoying nature’s beauty and challenge yourself with chasing this elusive prey.