Turkey Hunting in California: Where and How to Find the Best Spots


Turkey hunting is an exciting sport, and California offers some excellent opportunities for hunters to bag their bird. However, many newcomers to the area might be unsure where they can hunt turkey in California. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best places in the state for turkey hunting.

Public Lands

California has several public lands that offer excellent opportunities for turkey hunting. Some of these include Mendocino National Forest, Los Padres National Forest, and Cleveland National Forest. These areas have plenty of turkeys and are easily accessible to both novice and experienced hunters.

Private Ranches

Another option for those looking to hunt turkey in California is on private ranches. Many ranch owners lease out their land to hunters each year. While this may be a pricier option than hunting on public lands, it often affords a more exclusive experience with larger flocks of birds.

Hunting Clubs

Hunting clubs are another great way to gain access to prime turkey-hunting locations in California. Membership fees vary depending on the club you join but typically provide members with exclusive access to private land not open to other hunters or outdoor enthusiasts.

Tips For Turkey Hunting In California

When heading out into the field for your first (or latest) turkey hunt in California–It’s important first off getting your license through The Department Of Fish And Wildlife website because fines could result if caught without one; secondly its important knowing when seasons start/end dates as well as specific rules/regulations per county so preparation will make all the difference! It’s also crucial you wear appropriate clothing/gear while outdoors – especially during colder months- packing enough food/water supplies since there can be long hours before bagging something worth bringing home from your trip!