Where to Watch Dog and Beth On the Hunt: The Complete Guide


If you’re a fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter, then you’ll be pleased to know that he and his wife Beth are still on the hunt. Their new show “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” follows them as they travel across America helping other bail bond agencies. But where can you watch it?

Cable TV

Firstly, if you have cable TV, then there’s a good chance that your provider will have channels which air “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”. Channels like CMT (Country Music Television) or WGN America both air episodes regularly.

Streaming Services

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to cable TV, streaming services may be your best bet. Hulu offers all seasons of “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt”, while Amazon Prime Video allows viewers with an account to purchase individual episodes or full seasons for streaming.


For those who prefer physical copies of their television shows, DVDs and Blu-rays are available online from retailers such as Amazon. This option is great for collectors or those who don’t want to rely on internet connectivity.


In conclusion, whether you have cable TV or only use streaming services – there are several ways in which fans can continue enjoying Dog and Beth’s adventures together through watching their latest series “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt”. So sit back with some popcorn while catching up on this classic duo’s wild bounty hunting antics!