Where to Hunt Black Bears: Tips for Finding the Perfect Spot


Black bears are found in a variety of habitats across North America, from dense forests to mountainous regions. Hunting black bears can be both challenging and rewarding for experienced hunters. However, it is essential to know where to hunt these animals.

Western United States

The western region of the United States is known for its excellent black bear hunting opportunities. The states of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Washington have vast wilderness areas that host large populations of black bears. Hunting in these areas requires careful consideration due to the rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Eastern United States

In the eastern region of the country, some states offer great opportunities for hunting black bears as well. The wooded mountainsides in New York and Pennsylvania provide good bear habitat while being relatively accessible for most hunters. Maine has an abundance of black bears that make it one of the best places to hunt them on the east coast.


For those looking for a more adventurous hunting experience with larger bear populations, Canada offers some excellent options. British Columbia and Alberta are two popular provinces among hunters due to their extensive forested areas rich in wildlife like moose or elk (depending on when you plan your trip).

Mexico & Alaska

If you’re looking for something different than typical settings like Rocky Mountains or Pacific Northwest ranges; Mexico’s tropical jungles may intrigue you as an unusual yet fruitful destination with plenty hiding spots amidst lush vegetation! And if cold doesn’t scare off – there’s always Alaska!


Bear hunting can be both challenging and fulfilling at once! If you want a thrilling experience out there tracking down such majestic creatures – do note all regulations needed before heading off into any territory mentioned above (the “when” part we mentioned earlier)! Remember always practice safety measures when handling firearms or hunting gear. Happy Hunting!