Where Can You Hunt Wild Boar in California? Discovering the Locations


Looking for some adventure and want to try hunting wild boar in California? If you have the right licenses, equipment, and skills, then you’re ready to hit the wild boar hunting spots. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best places where you can hunt wild boars in California.

Tehama Wildlife Area

Located in northern Sacramento Valley, Tehama Wildlife Area is a great place for hog hunting. You can find a wide range of terrain here – from grasslands to oak woodlands. The area covers more than 11 square miles with plenty of options for hunters. Make sure that you get your license first before heading out there.

Mendocino National Forest

Another popular spot among experienced hog hunters is Mendocino National Forest. It’s located north of San Francisco Bay area and spans over 900 thousand acres with rugged terrains perfect for those who love challenges while they hunt their prey. Be ready with your camping gear if ever you decide to go on a multiple-day trip since it offers numerous campsites too around the wilderness areas.

Ventura County

If driving long distances isn’t up your alley but still want some adventure close by then Ventura county is an excellent option as well as it’s just about an hour away from Los Angeles city! It has several ranches that offer guided hunts throughout the year along with lodging facilities so it makes things really convenient especially if you’re coming down here from another state.


These are just a few examples of places where one can enjoy adventurous wild boar hunting opportunities in California! As always make sure that all required permits/licenses are obtained before setting out on any trip like these- safety should always be our top priority after all! Regardless what choice location maybe depending upon personal preferences we hope this article helps make the decision-making process easier. Happy hunting!