Deer Hunting On Windy Days: Tips and Strategies for a Successful Hunt


As a hunting enthusiast, few things are quite as frustrating as dealing with strong winds while deer hunting. Winds can easily disrupt the normal movements of deer and make it challenging for hunters to locate or stalk them. However, there are still some places that you might want to consider visiting if you intend to hunt on windy days.

Stay away from fields

When the wind is blowing hard, deer tend to stay in areas where they feel safe and secure. Fields may not be one of those areas because the tall grasses usually sway back and forth due to high winds which could make them uncomfortable for grazing. Your best bet would be focusing on thick forested areas instead.

Look for natural barriers

Natural barriers can serve as protective shields against strong winds; therefore, it’s wise always to keep an eye out when looking around potential hunting locations. Natural elements like hillsides, ridges or even large rock formations will offer sufficient cover from strong gusts of wind hence making it easier for you to spot wildlife.

Scout ahead of time

To maximize your chances of success during your next deer hunt on a windy day, scout around potential locations before attempting any actual hunting activities. Scout out food sources such as acorn groves or oak trees since these spots offer excellent cover from heavy winds yet attract lots of animals looking for nourishment at the same time

Last thoughts

Deer hunting is rarely straightforward but becomes even more challenging during windy conditions. The above tips should help give you an edge over other hunters who might struggle with similar conditions in their area. Remember also that patience is key – take plenty of breaks between hunts if necessary until weather patterns improve again!