Hog Hunting in Oklahoma: Where to Go and What You Need to Know


Hog hunting in Oklahoma has become increasingly popular. It offers hunters a unique experience and the thrill of bagging one of the most dangerous animals in North America. Hog hunting is not for the faint-hearted as wild boars are known to be aggressive, but with proper safety measures and guidance, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Oklahoma Wildlife Department Areas

The Oklahoma Wildlife Department offers public land hog hunting opportunities across different wildlife management areas (WMAs). However, hunters need to obtain permits depending on which WMA they plan to hunt on. These permits usually have limited availability and should be applied for early enough before the season begins.

Private Ranches

Several private ranches offer guided hog hunts throughout Oklahoma. These ranches provide all necessary gear such as rifles, ammunition, night vision scopes, etc., making them an excellent option for novice hunters. Additionally, some even offer lodging options for overnight stays during multi-day hunts.

Cimarron River Hunting Ranch

The Cimarron River Hunting Ranch is located north of Tulsa and is one of the best places to go hog hunting in Oklahoma. The property spans over 40 square miles with varying terrains ranging from hills to dense forests along the riverbank that provides ample cover for hogs. The lodge offers comfortable accommodations with great food while experienced guides take you out into the field.

The Cross Timbers Wildlife Management Area

Located about 20 miles northwest of Ada city lies this wildlife management area covering up more than 4 thousand acres richly packed with roaming hogs waiting to be hunted by visitors who come prepared fully armed with rifles or other weapons capable of taking down these giant creatures without fail! While wandering through numerous oak-hickory woodlands filled with swamps offering abundant water sources for hogs, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of this unique ecosystem.


Oklahoma offers a wide range of hog hunting opportunities for both novice and experienced hunters. From public WMAs to private ranches, there is something out there for everyone. With proper safety measures and guidance from experienced guides, hog hunting in Oklahoma can be an unforgettable experience not easily replicated anywhere else!