Where to Hunt Boar in California: A Guide to the Best Spots


California is known for its wide variety of outdoor activities, including hunting. Boar hunting, in particular, has become increasingly popular among hunters in California due to the state’s growing population of wild boars. If you’re interested in boar hunting and are wondering where to go in California, look no further! This blog post will cover some of the top places to hunt boar in California.

The Central Coast

The central coast region of California is a great place for boar hunters. The area encompasses several counties including Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. These counties have many public lands available for hunting like Los Padres National Forest and Pinnacles National Park that offers guided hunts with experienced guides.

The Sierra Foothills

If you’re looking for a challenging hunt experience then consider heading towards the Sierra foothills region located at a distance of about an hour from Sacramento. With its rugged terrain and dense forests make it an ideal location for both bowhunters as well as rifle-hunters alike.

Southern California

Southern California is another great spot to bag your first wild boar or add one more notch on your belt along with lots of sunshine! With ample public land opportunities available across various State Parks like Cleveland National Forest or Anza-Borrego Desert State Park there’s plenty of room to roam around during your time here.


There are endless possibilities when it comes down choosing where exactly should one head out into the Californian wilderness while keeping their eyes peeled searching for these elusive animals roaming around freely such as wild hogs.. From scenic coastal regions like Central Coast stretching from San Francisco Bay Area till Los Angeles County line up northwards until beautiful Southern Californian landscapes found all throughout this sunny state – you can be sure that wherever you decide to go, it will make for a memorable hunting experience. So dust off your hunting gear and start exploring!