Where to Hunt Boar in Red Dead Redemption 2: The Ultimate Guide


RDR2 is a game that allows players to immerse themselves in the wild, rugged world of the old west. Boar hunting is one of the various activities that players can engage in while playing this game. In this post, we will explore some of the best locations for boar hunting in RDR2.

Lemoyne Region

The Lemoyne region is an excellent location for boar hunting as it has plenty of dense forests and swamplands where these animals are known to roam. Players can find them near Bayou Nwa, Bluewater Marsh, and Lakay areas. It’s advisable to use a bow with poison arrows or long-range rifles to hunt these creatures since they’re easily spooked.

Beyond New Hanover

While boars may not be as plentiful outside New Hanover, there are still opportunities available for avid hunters around other regions like Big Valley and West Elizabeth. These two locations have open fields and prairies which makes it suitable for riding horses because you can quickly chase down these animals when you spot them from afar.

Night Hunting Strategy

Nighttime offers another opportunity for players looking forward to bagging some boars during gameplay; although it’s more dangerous at night than daytime due to increased predator activity such as wolves lurking around every corner waiting for their prey! However, using bait will attract them from a distance away so that you don’t have to go too close before taking your shot.


Whether you prefer daytime or nighttime hunts, RDR 2 provides numerous opportunities across different regions like Lemoyne or beyond New Hanover area – so don’t miss out on exploring all the possibilities available while playing this exciting game! Remember always; stay alert when heading out into uncharted territories lest something unexpected happens.