Where to Hunt Ducks in RDR2: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Spots


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a thrilling game that offers countless hours of entertainment. One of the activities you can engage in while playing the game is hunting ducks. Finding them, however, might not be as easy as it seems. In this article, we will guide you on where to hunt ducks in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Lakes and Rivers

Lakes and rivers are excellent places to find ducks in Red Dead Redemption 2. Some of the best locations include Flat Iron Lake, Dakota River, and Kamassa River. When hunting for ducks near water bodies, make sure you stay hidden to avoid alerting them before taking your shot.

The Bayou Nwa Region

The Bayou Nwa region is another great place to hunt ducks in RDR 2. This area has plenty of swampy areas ideal for waterfowl hunting. You can find an abundance of different duck species here such as mallards and pintails.

Weather Conditions

When it comes to duck hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2, weather conditions play a significant role. It’s important to note that ducks tend to fly more when there’s wind or light rain – so don’t hesitate from going out during these times! Additionally, early mornings or late afternoons usually have better visibility which makes spotting flying birds easier!

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, finding where to hunt ducks in Red Dead Redemption 2 involves exploring various regions with wetlands areas such as lakes or riversides; sometimes considering specific weather conditions may help increase your chances too! Remember always exercise caution around firearms especially if using one recreationally like with games such as RDR- we want everyone safe at all times doing whatever activity they enjoy most!