Hunting Feral Hogs in Arkansas: Where to Find Wild Boar


Feral hogs are a nuisance to farmers and landowners, causing crop damage and soil disruption. However, for hunters, these wild pigs can make for thrilling prey. In Arkansas, feral hog populations have been on the rise in recent years due to several factors such as mild winters and abundant food sources. If you’re looking for where to hunt feral hogs in Arkansas, read on.

Public Hunting Lands

One of the easiest ways to find places to hunt feral hogs is through public hunting lands in Arkansas. The state has over 3 million acres of publicly owned land available for hunting at no cost or with a minimal fee. These lands include national forests, wildlife management areas (WMAs), and Army Corps of Engineers properties that allow hog hunting year-round.

Private Land Leases

If you want exclusive access to private land with known hog populations, leasing property may be your best option. Many landowners in Arkansas lease their property specifically for hunting purposes and offer guided hunts or self-guided hunts at varying prices depending on location and amenities provided.

Hunting Regulations

Before embarking on any hog-hunting trip in Arkansas, it’s important to review the state’s rules and regulations regarding wildlife management zones (WMZs), bag limits per day or per season, methods allowed (e.g., firearms vs. archery equipment), tagging requirements after harvesting a pig or multiple pigs during one outing.
Some WMAs have specific regulations regarding time frames when they open up their properties exclusively for hog hunters like during weekends-only periods from February-May each year.


Hunting feral hogs can be an exciting adventure but requires knowledge about the terrain being hunted as well as proper firearm safety protocols while engaging this game animal species effectively.
Take some time researching the best areas and seasons to hunt feral hogs in Arkansas. Whether it’s public hunting lands or private land leases, make sure you have all the necessary documentation, permits, and equipment before heading out on your next hog-hunting adventure.