Hunting Feral Hogs in Colorado: The Best Places to Find Them


Feral hogs are a growing problem in Colorado, causing damage to crops and natural habitats. Fortunately, hunting is an effective way to control the population of these invasive animals. If you’re looking for a place to hunt feral hogs in Colorado, read on.

National Forests

One option for hunting feral hogs in Colorado is on national forests such as the Rio Grande or San Juan National Forests. These forests offer public land where you can hunt without needing permission from private landowners. However, it’s important to note that not every part of the forest allows hunting, so be sure to check local regulations before heading out.

Private Land

Another option for hog hunters is private landowners who may have issues with feral hog populations damaging their property. Some ranchers or farmers may allow responsible hunters onto their property free of charge or for a small fee. Be sure to get permission from the owner first and follow any guidelines they may have.

Hunting Clubs

Joining a hunting club can also provide opportunities for those seeking places to hunt feral hogs in Colorado. These clubs often lease large tracts of land specifically for hunting purposes and may require membership fees or other costs associated with joining.


While it’s important to remember that feral hog populations should be managed responsibly and ethically, there are many options available if you’re interested in participating in this sport while helping keep these invasive animals at bay. Whether you choose public lands like national forests, seek out private property owners willing to work with hunters, or consider joining a hunting club – know that your efforts will make a positive impact on both wildlife conservation and agricultural preservation efforts throughout Colorado!