Michigan Hunting Guide: Where to Find Feral Hogs and Bags a Trophy


Feral hogs have become a nuisance in Michigan, causing damage to crops, property, and the environment. As such, hunting these animals has become necessary to control their population and reduce the destruction they cause. If you’re looking for information on where to hunt feral hogs in Michigan, then read on.

The Law Regarding Feral Hog Hunting

Hunting feral hogs is legal in Michigan; however, it’s not as straightforward as other game species. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires hunters to obtain a permit before hunting feral hogs in the state. Additionally, any property owner may kill or authorize another person to take a wild boar that’s on their land without obtaining a permit from the DNR.

Where You Can Find Feral Hogs In Michigan

Feral hog populations are mostly concentrated within southern Michigan counties like St. Joseph County and Barry County. These areas are known for having large tracts of farmland that provide abundant food sources for these animals. It’s essential to note that due to their unpredictable nature and mobility patterns; feral hog sightings can occur anywhere throughout the state.

The Best Time To Hunt Feral Hogs In Michigan

During summer months is one of the best times when hunting ferals can be potentially successful because vegetation is at its peak growth stage so it’s easier for pigs find food naturally available around different spots while roaming around during daytime hours which increases visibility chances compared with winter months when they travel less frequently especially during daylight hours because snow cover adds challenges such as decreased movement speed which makes them more difficult targets even if spotted.


In conclusion, knowing where and how to hunt ferals in Michigan is crucial if you want success out there among thousands already trying get rid off this invasive species. Find areas where they frequent and pay attention to their natural patterns, movement habits & food sources routine so you can know when it’s best time hunt them and then make sure you have the proper permits in hand before going out. Good luck out there with your hunting journey!