Missouri Feral Hog Hunting: Where to Find Wild Boar and How to Hunt Them


Missouri is a state that has a high population of feral hogs, and hunting them can be both fun and fulfilling. However, it’s important to know the best places to hunt these animals for safety reasons. In this post, we’ll be discussing where you can find feral hogs in Missouri.

Southern Missouri Areas

Southern Missouri is home to many areas with abundant populations of feral hogs. Some popular areas include the Mark Twain National Forest and the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. These areas offer ample opportunities for hog hunting throughout the year and often require permits or licenses to hunt on public land.

Grazing Land & Crop Fields

Feral hogs are known for their love of grazing land and crop fields, making these spots great locations for hunters looking to snag some wild pork. Hunting on private lands may require permission from the owner but should provide ample opportunity during certain seasons when they’re more likely in those areas.

River Bottoms & Creek Beds

Another optimal location for finding some wild pigs is river bottoms or creek beds within forests or swamps along rivers like Mississippi River or Osage River Basin area. These environments provide easy access to mud wallows that help regulate body temperature as well as plenty of thick cover providing protection from predators; however, navigating through these terrains requires experience so planning your trip with an experienced guide may be necessary.


Before you head out into any wilderness area looking for wild pigs, make sure you have all required permits/licenses if applicable (as some states will issue specific tags), research local regulations ahead of time regarding firearm/bow restrictions, scout out potential locations prior arrival & do not exceed harvest limits set forth by wildlife officials so that future generations can enjoy same opportunities too! Happy Hunting!