Hunting Feral Hogs in NC: Where to Find the Best Spots


Feral hogs, also known as wild pigs or boars, are a menace to agriculture and pose a threat to native wildlife in North Carolina. These animals were brought over from Europe centuries ago and have since become an invasive species that causes extensive damage. Fortunately, hunting feral hogs is legal in North Carolina under certain conditions.

Public lands

One of the best places to hunt feral hogs in NC is on public lands such as game lands and national forests. The NC Wildlife Resources Commission manages around 500,000 acres of game lands across the state that offer opportunities for hog hunting. Additionally, several national forests allow hog hunting with a valid permit obtained through their offices.

Private land

Hunting on private land can be another option if you know someone who owns property where feral hogs have been spotted. It’s always important to get permission from the owner before hunting on their land. Some farmers may even welcome hunters because they see it as a way to control the hog population and reduce crop damage.

Hunting regulations

Before going out for any type of hunting, make sure you’re aware of all applicable regulations regarding season dates and bag limits set by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Hunting licenses are required for anyone age 16 or older (except when using archery equipment), which can be purchased online or at various vendors throughout the state.

Tips for success

When it comes time to actually go out into the field, there are some things you should consider to help ensure your success while remaining safe:
-Scouting ahead – Hogs have a keen sense of smell so scouting ahead will help identify areas that show signs of recent activity.
-Using familiar weapons – Sticking with weapons you’re comfortable using can help increase your chances of hitting your target.
-Being patient – Hunting is all about patience, so wait in a strategic location and be prepared to take your time.


Hunting feral hogs can be a fun and challenging experience that also helps protect North Carolina’s environment. Whether you opt for public land or private land hunting, remember to stay within the guidelines of NC Wildlife Resources Commission regulations. By following these tips, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and successful hunt.